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Automotive Hoses

Codan assemblies

CODAN is a global supplier of fluid handling systems to the automotive industry. Our hoses and systems are used by vehicle manufacturers and 1st Tier suppliers. All plants are TS16949 – ISO14001 or ISO9001 accredited and in addition we have many OEM audit approvals.


CODAN produce straight and shaped rubber hoses plus complete hose systems encompassing plastic tubes, manipulated metal pipes and quick assembly fittings. In addition we produce rubber mouldings and extruded sealing systems as part of a range that covers almost all rubber applications in a car or commercial vehicle today.


CODAN started working with automotive producers 60 years ago and now has a reputation for innovative and commercial flexible solutions for all automotive fluid handling applications. Our specialities are in Fuel, Air-Conditioning, Water, Oil Cooling, Power Steering, Vacuum Braking and Vehicle Hydraulics.


CODAN hoses incorporate the latest compounds and techniques to work in more confined automotive spaces, resist more aggressive fluids such as Bio Fuels and Air Conditioning gas, to meet legislation on permeation of harmful emissions and to live longest in harsh environments.


Codan also specializes in fluid systems for trucks, buses and vehicles produced for the agricultural and construction industries.


Codan shaped hoses


  Air conditioning hoses

  Fuel hose

  Powersteering hose

  Coolant hose

  Brake hose


Thermal Management

Codan assemblies

Correct cooling technique extends the efficiency and lifetime of the battery pack

The goal is to achieve even cooling throughout the lifetime of the battery and avoid exposure to violent temperature fluctuations which leads to degradation of its component parts and thus reduced efficiency. Study has shown that a controlled tab cooling can prolong the lifetime of the battery by a factor of 3.



Batteries need to be thermally managed in order to provide the highest output and achieve longer life. That said, the complexity of controlling the temperature of the cells is more complex than just fanning cold air over the surface of the battery.


Extensive research have been made into various cooling methods and how to achieve optimum output and consensus is that liquid cooling is by far the most efficient and reliable method to control the temperature in the individual battery cells, resulting in longer battery life and higher consistent output.


Department of Mechanical Engineering, Imperial College London have released a paper comparing the two cooling methods being used in electric vehicles today:


'Surface Cooling Causes Accelerated Degradation Compared to Tab Cooling for Lithium-Ion Pouch Cells'

The research concludes that liquid cooling is the superior method and provides the most stable temperature.



Selecting the correct hose

Please contact our sales team who can guide you in choosing the correct hose for the application.

See the selection of Codan cooling hoses here:

  Air conditioning hoses

  Coolant hoses

  Oil Cooling hose


Codan Rubber A/S    Værkstedsvej 45-49, DK-4600 Køge, Denmark

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Codan assemblies

Codan assemblies


Codan assemblies

Codan assemblies


Codan assemblies

Codan shaped hoses

Codan assemblies

Codan Rubber A/S    Værkstedsvej 45-49
DK-4600 Køge, Denmark

Tel. +45 56 64 64 64