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Code of conduct


Codan Rubber and its affiliated companies are committed to making a positive contribution to society through its global operations. We expect our suppliers to help us fulfil this commitment by reflecting our principles in their own business practice. Codan Rubber further encourages its suppliers to be in compliance with internationally recognized standards on business conduct, human rights and the environment, with due considerations to the local laws and regulations.


To clarify our expectations, Codan Rubber Supplier Code of Conduct outlines the eleven principles that we deem to be the most relevant for our suppliers.

Business Conduct:


Codan Rubber considers integrity and reliability in relationships with all stakeholders as essential preconditions for sustainable business. Our principles related to business conduct are:


  • We support an open, fair and competitive business environment.
  • All relevant, applicable laws and regulations should be complied with.
  • All business, commercial and financial information regarding Codan Rubber must be treated confidentially and should not be disclosed to third parties.
  • Conflicts of interest are not conductive for good business.
  • Gifts and inducements to influence business or other decisions are not acceptable.

Human rights


Codan Rubber endorses the values enshrined within the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Core Conventions of the International Labour Organization based on respect for the dignity of the individual without distinction of origin.


Codan environment

Our principles related to human rights are:

  • Working conditions should allow safe working practices and support the occupational health of employees.
  • Employees should be fairly treated concerning reasonable working hours, periodic leave and remuneration for work performed.
  • Codan Rubber makes allowances for negotiations leading to collective agreements.
  • People are employed based on the principle of equal opportunity, without distinction to race, colour, gender, religion, affiliation or origin.
  • Codan Rubber does not participate in child, forced or bonded labour.

Our quality POLICIES:

  • All employees have focus on high safety standards in every regard and are familiar with the current safety policies.
  • To deliver correct products in time as well as continually improve the quality in our products.
  • Identify and assess risks.
  • Fulfill all relevant customer demands and maintain all the demands from law- and authority bodies as well as standards in connection with purchases, production and products as well as the completed jobs.
  • Working towards achieving a high degree of satisfaction for all our customers and other contacts.
  • Actively contribute towards securing the best possible education and development of our employees, including meeting current policies and target.
  • Initiate preventive and improving actions to meet potential deviations.
  • To have a Code of Conduct policy.


Quality standards


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Scope: 'Development, production, sales and assembly of hoses and components made of rubber'.


CODAN holds a leading position as OEM and Tier-1 supplier to the automotive and industrial markets and has received a number of awards for our outstanding quality and service.


CODAN is development-oriented. By meeting our customers’ requirements and expectations, we want to be perceived as trustworthy and customer-oriented suppliers of uniform quality products seeking a zero-error delivery rate.


CODAN products are specially designed to meet the strict requirements of OEM manufactures. A broad range of products not only meets top quality and safety standards but also offers customized solutions.



Environmental Management


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Codan Rubber A/S is committed to continually work toward minimizing impact on the environment through pollution prevention and to minimize the use of energy.


By doing our outmost to prevent pollution at its source, Codan will assure and motivate a safe and healthy workplace for employees and protect the local and global environment.


The company will:

  • Work continually to reduce the volume, quantity, and toxicity of hazardous waste at the source, to the degree that it is economically feasible.
  • Treat, store, and dispose of wastes to minimize potential threat to human health and the environment.
  • Investigate/improve and use technologies and/or methods which substitute hazardous materials.
  • Comply with all applicable local and federal legal requirements.
  • Work with sub suppliers meeting/having an environmental policy.

IATF 16949 – Automotive


CODAN production facilities are IATF 16949 / ISO9001 and ISO14001 accredited. Conformance with these regulations is certified by the competent Notified Bodies.

The new IATF 16949:2016 standard replaces ISO/TS 16949, which will remain in force until 14/9/2018, including requirements of ISO 9001:2015 and increasing automotive requirements, including:






  • Requirements for safety of components and processes
  • Increased traceability requirements to adhere to the latest regulatory amendments
  • Requirements for products that include software
  • Management of the management process of returns from the field including routing to NTF (No Trouble Found) and use of the automotive industry guidelines
  • Clarifications in the management of sub-suppliers and requirements to develop the same
  • Insertion of Responsibility requirements of the organisations’ management (Corporate Responsibility)

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